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We are Cartagena inside. A journey inside the city and its secrets. Because the hips that dance is a heart that was ignited by the rhythm on the streets, the lips that sing verses were once butterflies. This is Cartagena from the eyes and heart of a native, from a Cartagenero.

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Yes, she is. Completely naked, with no shame to the eyes of all those who look at her, on the contrary, it gives the impression that it delights her. She is a woman very loved by the Cartagena’s people who, with her impressive 650 kg and her roundness, really attracts all eyes and it is very difficult to just not look at her or to leave the idea of taking a picture with her

Paradoxically, in a city of queens, a fat woman is be the most beloved one, and how come not, if it is the woman or Reclining Figure 92 of the Master Fernando Botero. To who the locals baptized as «the fat Gertrudis» for its proportional body which is far out of the stereotypes of beauty, but very preferred by Botero.

After a visit to Cartagena and attracted by the charm of the Santo Domingo Square, he, Botero himself sent a letter of his own handwriting to the City Hall:

``I woke up generous and for that reason I decided to give a sculpture to Cartagena, to place it in the place we saw in the Santo Domingo Square``

That was how in April 2000 arrived from Florence (Italy) to the seaport of Cartagena, before being transferred to the enigmatic plaza, where today she remains weaving around her a myth by which his breasts have been faded, they say. Touch her breasts ao your love relationship will be lasting, as well as it ensures your return to the beautiful Cartagena. Either by augury or by a good pose for the photo souvenir, a very common habit among tourists and locals.

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