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We are Cartagena inside. A journey inside the city and its secrets. Because the hips that dance is a heart that was ignited by the rhythm on the streets, the lips that sing verses were once butterflies. This is Cartagena from the eyes and heart of a native, from a Cartagenero.


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Located just in front of the square with its name, the church of Santo Domingo has been for years a place to visit both for locals and for tourists. Its construction began in the XVI and XVII centuries and is considered one of the best examples of colonial architecture of the Viceroyalty of New Granada.

Its strong ‘bone structure’ sought steadiness against the attacks to which it was subjected by pirates who wanted to plunder the city. The subtle finesse of the pastel tones of its interior will fill the visitor with peace and quietness, and its altar, with a baroque style makes it exquisite for the souvenir photo. At first sight it has an inexplicable charm, weaves myths into its innards, which makes it even more charming and mystical.

A Christ carved in wood is one of its most attractive elements because of the history behind it. It is said that a man went to the convent (O MONASTERY) with the intention of carving a statue, he asked the monks to give him a room and pass him food through a little window, and then days passed without any sound coming out of the room, so they knocked down the door and found a Christ once the door was throwed down they say that the man was an angel.

It was also said that the many accidents that happen while it was built were due to the opposition of the devil, because when it was finally finished, he clung to the tower so much and so heavily that he twisted it at a different angle to his facade. Santo Domingo has history and mystery.

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