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We are Cartagena inside. A journey inside the city and its secrets. Because the hips that dance is a heart that was ignited by the rhythm on the streets, the lips that sing verses were once butterflies. This is Cartagena from the eyes and heart of a native, from a Cartagenero.

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As if love was sin, as if its honey could not be tested; under the decisions of those, who perhaps do not have the morality to elucidate about it. Dare to break the schemes of an aristocratic society is to break the established social norms.

In this the love story of the illustrious Rafael Núñez and his wife Soledad Román is summarized, it was in the mouth of everybody, because it was not well seen that a decent woman and that belong to the highest social class of the time, could have as love partner of a man who, in the eyes of God, was still married to another woman.

Rejected by many, criticized by others, tired of carrying on their shoulders consequences of their liberal love decisions, and especially the gossip to which Soledad Román was subjected every time she attended a public place just for letting herself be carried away by her heart, Núñez decides to make a hermitage to his loved one.

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