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We are Cartagena inside. A journey inside the city and its secrets. Because the hips that dance is a heart that was ignited by the rhythm on the streets, the lips that sing verses were once butterflies. This is Cartagena from the eyes and heart of a native, from a Cartagenero.

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A slender figure, loaded with magical nature, magical surrealism, as magical as the charm of Cartagena. According to Greek mythology the Pegasus is a creature that can only be tamed by good-hearted riders, they can detect evil innately and would not serve anyone who tries to tame it for evil purposes.

An indomitable temper made it a challenge for those who longed to have him under their command. Like, for example, Bellerophon, who used Pegasus to take him to Olympus and be able to become a god, but Zeus freed him and Pegasus flew again in freedom.

Cartagena just as Pegasus, was about to be submitted as a slave of Spain, but rebel she resisted, and it got freed from Spain. Two winged horse drawn that symbolize freedom, originally a work by the artist born in Cartagena, Miguel Caballero Leclerc which with the pass of time were deteriorated, so in 1992 the sculptor Hector Lombana donated these new sculptures.

Located on the dock that bears the same name, next to the camellón de los mártires (ridge of the martyrs) and the clock tower, they make a sculpture proper to take as a memory of the beautiful Cartagena.

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