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We are Cartagena inside. A journey inside the city and its secrets. Because the hips that dance is a heart that was ignited by the rhythm on the streets, the lips that sing verses were once butterflies. This is Cartagena from the eyes and heart of a native, from a Cartagenero.

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Boats full of «soulless black men» arriving at the port of Cartagena, unfortunate slaves from Africa shown as exotic species of caged birds. Black maroons who represented the wealth to the great lords of the time who negotiated them in the slave market of America, they became black men with soul in the heart of Pedro Claver.

This was how this square became a sign of the work that the Spanish Jesuit Pedro Claver was doing to diminish the miserable life of brave black men whose destiny was accentuated by similar ones, humans with pretenses of superiority attributed by authorities whose inhuman ideals sought to subjugate them for their comfort.

History transmitted from generation to generation tells the story, when the sun went down, when the horizon was seduced by colors, Claver used to sat in the middle of this small square of rustic ground surrounded by black slaves and preached Christian doctrines to them that sought to mitigate and diminish the ignorance in the lives of those who listened to him. That’s how he got the name «slave of slaves»

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